Real Estate School

Real Estate School

In Partnership with Keller Williams Encino – Sherman Oaks



Our real estate school gives you the tools to get licensed and start your new career in Real Estate. Taught in house by some of our top producing and most knowledgeable agents, this course is designed to give you the foundation you need to pass your test and effectively serve your clients.

Group Coaching


You can learn to earn like the superstars with Keller Williams Encino-Sherman Oaks! Allow a MAPS Coach to help you build a bridge to the business of your dreams. MAPS Coaching is a valuable service that is a necessity for agents at any level who want to make more money in less time. MAPS Coaches are among the best business experts in North America, driven to ensure every dime you invest in them will come back to you tenfold.

We offer many Group Coaching, One-on-One Coaching, and Events to help take you to the next level. Learn more about our programs by selecting from the options below.


Fast Track Programs

Our Fast Track programs give you exclusive access to improve your business in specific areas – from developing the right mindset to mastering language patterns to pricing listings correctly. Fast Track Coaching was created to increase your profitability to prepare you for our exclusive Breakthrough and Mastery Coaching and includes powerful group calls by proven experts in each field.

What Can You Expect from Fast Track Coaching?

  • Group call focusing on your business needs.
  • Fast Track Coaches selected specifically to get you into action mode in order to produce results.
  • The opportunity to focus on one of the specialty groups for six months and then choose another.
  • Many different topics that will allow you to build your business one step at a time!
  • Two one-hour calls each month.

Fast Track Classes:

  • Language of Sales
  • Free Recruiting Call
  • An Hour with Heller the Home Seller
  • Client Care Management
  • Power Recruiting


Fast Track Technology Programs

Our Fast Track programs give you exclusive access to improve your business in specific areas from blogging to mastering top producer to making technology income-producing. Fast Track Coaching was created to increase your profitability to prepare you for our exclusive Breakthrough and Mastery Coaching and includes powerful group calls by proven experts in each field.

Social Media

What you don’t know about social media could be costing you opportunities! This program covers all aspects of social media, from set-up to optimization. This program is for agents and team leaders!

Agents will learn:

  • How to build mind-share and client loyalty using social media
  • How to gain agent-to-agent referrals
  • How to build your profit share tree

Team Leaders will learn:

  • How to turn social media sites into a recruiting machine!

Building Your Business with Top Producer 8i

You can put the full power of Top Producer to work in your business by building a successful, income producing database and implementing systems to manage your marketing, leads, listings, contracts and closings. You will:

  • Establish your database, master lead entry and maintenance
  • Customize and maximize your marketing library and action plans, including targeted 8×8 and 33-Touch programs
  • Set-up automatic marketing for leads that come in from your Website
  • Create listing presentations, buyer consultations and CMAs that will WOW your clients
  • Automate and systematize lead, listing and contract management


Internet Lead Generation

Getting leads to your Website is more important that ever before! You will learn:

  • How to drive massive traffic to your Website
  • How to covert leads to appointments
  • How to become the dominant agent in your area on the Internet
  • How to leverage social networking to drive traffic to your Website



Blogging is more than a fad. It’s a proven way to generate leads and make more money. You will learn:

  • The “myth-understandings” of blogging in real estate
  • Step-by-Step processes to make blogging a part of your lead generation
  • Tips and tricks from some of the most successful real estate bloggers from across the country


Role Specific Coaching

MAPS offers specialized Role Specific Coaching to give you the skills, systems and accountability you need to succeed.

Productivity Coaching

Even the best coaches need a coach. Our Productivity Coaching program gives Productivity Coaches one-on-one attention with a specially-selected “Coach’s Coach.” You will:

  • Increase your agents’ productivity by 50 percent
  • Implement the strategies and principles in your Productivity Coach’s Book
  • Experience powerful coaching in mindset, skills and discipline with high accountability.

MCA Coaching

Our MCA Coaching program matches four MCAs with our hand-picked MCA Coaches. With a dedicated MCA Coach on your side, you learn:

  • Discipline and time-management skills
  • How to be accountable to your budget and forecasting models
  • How to manage staff, systematize your office, communicate with agents and get along with everyone in your office


Power Play Coaching

The Power Play program is designed to provide a more concentrated coaching experience than the Fast Track program. With weekly coaching calls from an unparalleled coaching staff, Power Play Coaching will help you to produce results.

What Can You Expect from Power Play Coaching?

  • Group call focusing on your business needs.
  • Power Play Coaches selected specifically to get you into action mode in order to produce results.
  • The opportunity to focus on one of the specialty groups for six months and then choose another.
  • Includes a weekly one hour coaching session.
  • Coaching with industry leading coaches who will help transform your business.
  • Skills lessons that will help you focus on key area to improve your business now!

Mastering Short Sales

Introduction to short sales - Get an in depth introduction to the state of short sales in our industry today.

Short Sale Basics & Steps - Success begins with nailing down the basics.

Common Homeowner Questions & Answers - Learn all of the most common homeowner questions and objections and how to answer/overcome them.

Why You Should Master Short Sales - Discover the ways that short sales will catapult your career.

Lead Sources of Short Sales - Lead generation is the name of the game. Learn the top lead sources for getting short sale leads. Implement these lead sources correctly in your business and begin obtaining short sale listings left and right. We will look at 21 great ways to generate leads.

The Mindset of the Short Seller - Short sale transactions are filled with negative seller emotion. Learn how create compassion and trade loyalty with your short sale prospects, significantly increasing your success rate.

The Short Sale Process - Learn the entire short sale process step by step along with all of the tips and tricks that have taken Knolly over five years (and hundreds of transactions) to learn.

Pre-qualifying the Prospect - Significantly increase your success rate by learning how to pre-qualify your prospects by asking the right questions.  This is critical!

Gathering the Short Sale Package - Learn the proven system that will have banks loving you! How to quickly and efficiently collect a complete package every time.

Listing the Property on the MLS - Get your listings shown and SOLD quickly by placing them on MLS using Knolly’s tried and true MLS listing techniques.

Submitting the Package to the Lender - Submit your package the right way and avoid costly delays and bank apathy. Increase the bank’s response time and close the sale quicker than you ever thought possible.

Relentless Followup - Followup is a delicate ‘acrobatic’ balance between tenacity and patience. Learn how to do it right.

Lender Ordered BPO/Appraisal - Get the correct price on the lender ordered BPO or Appraisal and you will greatly increase the number of files you close. Learn how to get the right price.

Lender Approval Letter or Counter Offer - Knolly gives you a step by step walk-thru of the lender’s approval letter. Learn how to interpret the approval and/or negotiate for the best terms.

Closing the File - After a file is approved, it can still get bogged down for several reasons. Obtain the key information that will close your approved transactions sooner.

FHA Short Sales - Learn the unique aspects of FHA and VA short sales, and why they may be the best short sale opportunities available.

About your Commission - Learn what you can do to get your full commission.

Additional Tips - Many additional tips, tools and techniques will help you navigate around nearly every potential short sale pitfall.

ALSO, learn how to set up a short sale team.
PLUS – each session will include 20 minutes of Q&A time, so you can get assistance with your
current and ongoing short sales.

One-on-One Coaching

Thank you for your interest in our One-on-One Coaching programs! Please review the options below to learn more about our One-on-One Coaching programs.


One-on-One Technology Coaching

MAPS offers specialized One-on-One Technology Coaching to give you the skills, systems and accountability you need to succeed, whether you are an agent or in leadership.

For Agents:

Implement the MREA Lead Generation Model:

  • Set up and use 8×8 campaigns
  • Set up and use 33-touch campaigns
  • Set up and use 12 Direct campaigns

Focus on Internet lead generation using:

  • Your KW Website
  • Custom Websites
  • Microsites
  • Blogging
  • Social networking
  • Lead capture and conversion techniques

For Leadership

Implement recruiting systems, including:

  • Identifying and targeting recruits
  • Automating “Get the Appointment” plans
  • Automating follow-up plans
  • Targeting Cappers
  • Mass marketing to “have not mets”

Set up agent retention systems for your market center, including:

  • Automatic and leveraged intake programs for new recruits
  • Automatic 33-touch campaigns to your agents

Focus on Internet lead generation using:

  • Your recruiting Website
  • Your market center Website
  • Blogging
  • Social networking

Mastery Coaching Also Gives You

  • Registration to all our Keller Williams Realty and MAPS Signature Events for your role, including: Mega Camp, Masterminds and Family Reunion.
  • You also have the option to add a member of your team to your event registrations at only an additional $200 per month.


Thank you for your interest in our One-on-One Coaching programs! Please select from the following options to learn more about our One-on-One Coaching programs.



Join the skill-building seminars led by Gary Keller, Mark Willis, Mary Tennant and Dianna Kokoszka.

With a focus on collaboration and learning from each other’s “been-there-done-that” wisdom, Masterminds gives you practical, tried-and-true ideas and solutions that you can implement immediately when you return to your market center.



Mega Camp is where top-producing professionals go to focus, embrace opportunity and connect with the industry’s most esteemed leaders.

Take your business to the highest level possible with groundbreaking strategies, profound insights and cutting-edge trends. Expand your mindset with this year’s lineup of visionary presentations, enlightening interviews and rockstar panels featuring accomplished agents and leaders from across the globe.


Productivity Camps

Maps Recruiting Camp

MAPS Recruiting Camp is a two day workshop will do more than just expand your mind, it will expand your opportunities. In addition to the latest tools, techniques, and materials, you will leave the workshop with appointments!

MAPS coach Rich Rector has personally recruited thousands of agents and is going to show you how to do the same.

This incredible event will be held at a local market center in your area. All scripts, workbook and recruiting materials will be provided to make sure you have the latest tools and can start recruiting your unfair share of agents immediately.

This two day curriculum will include:

  1. Script practice and role play
  2. Three hours of ‘live’ calling/lead generation, setting actual appointments!
  3. Instantaneous feedback and critique while prospecting!
  4. Interview and needs analysis role play!
  5. Ten step live recruiting presentation demonstration.
  6. Objection handling and closing demonstration.  (Scripts provided)
  7. Exit interview and agent transition process.
  8. Lead follow up system.
  9. Top 10 most effective recruiting strategies.
  10. Understanding the psychology of the recruiting mindset.

MAPS Coaching Skills Camp

The MAPS Coaching Skills Camp is coming, and its goal is to help you coach your agents to achieve proven results.

This three day camp is directed by MAPS master coaches Dianna Kokoszka and Tony DiCello and will teach the skills you need to achieve 100% productivity from your agents.

Sign up now, to learn to coach your agents to the top of their game by attending the coaching skills camp. This intensive training will uncover the secrets of effective coaching like:

  • Getting your team to the right mindset
  • How to ask questions
  • The power of Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Using the Gamebook to achieve proven results

You will even leave with incredible tools you can use immediately:

  • Recorded role plays so you can use as a model
  • 100 effective questions to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Workbook with proven strategies